Airport Knowledge & Strategic Access to Deliver Major & Minor Contracts Airside & Landside

MAZ Group has amassed a rich portfolio of successfully completed commercial, infrastructure and corporate sector projects in its 11 years of operation. Much of this time has been dedicated to mission critical projects at Melbourne Airport. Our focus on achieving high quality outcomes and our continual strive to improve and tailor our processes and delivery methods has seen all of our projects delivered without issue, on time, and on budget.

Demonstrated Excellence in: Construction, Civil, Services, Maintenance, Fit Outs, Call Outs, Insurance Works, Upgrades, Rejuvenations, Rectifications


More Projects

  • Lift Hoarding Project
  • T2, Urban Park
  • T4 Staff Amenities Early Works
  • STCP Comms. Relocation Project
  • FID Screen Installation T4
  • T2 Duty Tiling Project
  • Gate 27 Canopy & Asphalt
  • T1 & T3 Departure Shelters

  • APAM Toilet Prototype Units – T2
  • T2 Customs X-Ray Scanning Machine Delivery & Installation
  • Replacement of Air Handling Unit
  • T3 Baggage Handling Capacity Project
  • Virgin Main Sign T3
  • T3 Check in Counters
  • Virgin Club Lounge
  • Virgin Engineering Office Airside